B​F​E​56 O Yuki Conjugate - Peyote LP

by Btx3R/F01101/Exe.



One of the all-time fantastic masterpieces of  tribal ambient, an absolute must-own for any fan of the genre. Peyote is a musical trip well worth taking.
Originally released in 1991 on cd and now released on vinyl for the first time.

O Yuki Conjugate (OYC) are an English post-industrial/ambient musical group founded in 1982 in Nottingham by Roger Horberry and Andrew Hulme and still - intermittently - active today. Originally inspired by the spirit and sound of post-punk, they soon started pioneering their own brand of ambient at a time (early 80s) when few people were interested in such a low-key approach. Their music has been variously described as 'ambient', 'fourth world', 'ethnic', 'tribal' and 'dark wave'; the band prefer to call it 'dirty ambient'.

OYC on this occasion were:
C.Elliott / R.Horberry / T.Horberry / A.Hulme
Maneesh Chandra; tablas 1, 8
Dave Collins; percussion 1, 2, 3, 4; berimbau 2; nose singing & chant 4
John Kaukis: keyboards 1, 3, 5
Chris Lucas: vocals 1, 7
Kenneth F Yates: percussion & chant 4; keyboards 7

tongue drums, roto toms, bongos, congas, big bean, found percussion, drum machine, wind chimes, loops, frying pan, bass, samples, keyboards, fractal guitar, e-bow, flutes, chants, wildlife

Engineered by Joe King. Recorded and digitally mastered at Frontier, Nottingham Aug 1988 - Feb 1990.

Edition of 500 copies. Die cut cover

“Warm, enveloping and invigorating textures. O Yuki Conjugate’s music inhabits some netherworld between ethnic, ambient, improvised and experimental sounds. The music here is built largely on ghostly layers of percussion suggesting ceremonies of ancient worship…. eerily affecting.” -OPTION MAGAZINE.

“Ambient, pagan, tribal scenes of sitting in a sweatlodge come to mind. The perfect trance inducing music to listen to…” – INDUSTRIALNATION

“O Yuki Conjugate inhabit some netherworld between ethnic, ambient, improvised and experimental sounds, built largely on ghostly layers of percussion which suggest ceremonies of ancient worship…” – HEARTBEATS


released February 23, 2020



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