1. Doublings & Silences Vol. I
    F.P & The Doubling Riders

  2. Endurance Of Pain Is The Power Of Being
    Sophie Du Palais

  3. Discordia
    Nunca Nada

  4. Sample III
    Various Artists

  5. Footsteps
    Human Figures

  6. Solemn
    El Fugue

  7. Industry & Leisure
    David Chesworth

  8. Yakka
    Bambi OFS

  9. Initiation
    Group A

  10. Dog Photos
    Laughing Hands

  11. Iberorromance

  12. La Soluzione É Una
    Dame Area

  13. Peyote
    O Yuki Conjugate

  14. Clima-X
    Art & Technique

  15. Esoteric Free Afrika

  16. Самцы Дронта
    Самцы Дронта (Samtsi Dronta)

  17. Transamorem

  18. Material Eléctrico Vol III
    Various Artists

  19. Sample II
    Various Artists

  20. Made In Spain
    De Fabriek

  21. Centro Di Gravitá
    Dame Area

  22. Schafttijdsamba
    De Fabriek

  23. Sahrah
    End Of Data

  24. The Joy Of Disease Demos And Remixes
    James Plotkin

  25. An Edible Body
    Wind Atlas

  26. Wolf In The Night
    Ritual Veil

  27. Psychic Stress

  28. Material Eléctrico Vol II
    Various Artists

  29. Leading Stolen Horses
    Glorious Din

  30. Vietnam

  31. The Shroud Of
    Minimal Man

  32. Material Eléctrico Vol I
    Various Artists

  33. Naturaleza Fractal
    Antiguo Régimen

  34. BFE Sample
    Various Artists

  35. Sincerely Making A Noise
    Instant Automatons

  36. Minimal Man
    Minimal Man

  37. Demo
    Second Sight

  38. In Stone

  39. La Forja Centrípeta

  40. Working And Shopping
    Tools You Can Trust

  41. Lingua Ignota
    Wind Atlas

  42. Puff

  43. Gattopardo

  44. Persuasion
    Multiple Man

  45. Prophecy of the black widow

  46. Masks Of Canaan
    Masks Of Canaan

  47. Chameleon
    Sam De La Rosa

  48. Jivaro Witnesses
    German Army

  49. Política de tierra quemada
    Antiguo Régimen

  50. The Age Of Light

  51. Way Down
    Robert Turman

  52. Outerspace Moments
    We Are The Hunters

  53. Anatema i Absolució Per La Prostitució Dels Set Poders

  54. La Formación De La Sombra
    Antiguo Régimen

  55. New Gods: Aardvark Through Zymurgy
    Todd Tamanend Clark

  56. Horizonte de Sucesos

  57. 00110001
    Polígono Hindú Astral

  58. My Choice
    Michael Yonkers

  59. Buildings from Bilbao
    Billy Bao

  60. From the grave

  61. America stole my baby
    Mac Blackout

  62. Gran bola de nieve
    Estrategia Lo Capto!

  63. Jeg horte dig synge
    De Hoje Haele

  64. Inyecciones por el bul
    Máximo Volumen

  65. The High Speed Recording Complex
    Michael Yonkers Yonkers/Gr

  66. I rock I ran
    Toxin III

  67. No one can stop advance


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